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Level: 2


Technopreneurship is the process of merging technology prowess with entrepreneurial talent and skills, in designing, launching and running a business. This course motivates students to think creatively and understand what it takes to set up and run a business. Think of an idea and create a business to become your own boss!


After completing the course students will be able to:

  • Understand and describe the term Entrepreneurship
  • Understand and identify the different aspects of a business
  • Create and demonstrate your own business model
  • Be able to communicate verbally, textually and graphically with industry on related topics


Course Contents

  • What it entails to be your own boss
  • Basic Entrepreneurship (Cisco Academy related)
  • Relate Technopreneurship to Industry 4.0
  • Analyse and compare types of businesses
  • Develop and apply components of a business plan
  • Design, develop and evaluate a business model
  • Describe, design, and challenge a business using a business model canvas
  • Funding and wealth
  • Learn and apply the software packet tracing software


Tutorial Project: – Apply Technopreneurship principles to a software simulation board ‘game’
Design Project: – design, build and present a business model related to the course material.


Duration: 10 weeks