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Level: 2


This course follows on from the Electronics Course and introduces students to the world of robotics using Python Language, MatLab and Simulink ®™ software. This also links to real hardware and model building and control, bordering on Artificial Intelligence (AI).


After completing the course students will be able to:

  • A good basic understanding of robotics
  • Use the Linux operating system
  • Create MatLab/Simulink models that can be run with Raspberry Pi hardware
  • Implement a communication protocol between devices


Course Contents

  • Basic Robotics
  • Basics of Linux operating system
  • Learn mathematical manipulations using the MATLAB software
  • Integrate with the SIMULINK software
  • Connect to a Raspberry Pi microprocessor
  • Connect an Arduino to the Raspberry Pi
  • Acquire signals and manipulate them
  • Control actuators and motors
  • Learn the basics of vision detection and colour
  • Microprocessor Programming language


Tutorial Project: – build a robot car with Arduino and Raspberry Pi microprocessors and include vision detection to follow an object.
Design Project: – design, build and present a model related to the course material.


Duration: 10 weeks