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GAP Year Program


This course provides students with a base, practical understanding of Mechanics, Electronics, Automation and Programming. Fun and practical exposure to the different engineering disciplines for prospective engineering students.

Course Duration: 1 Year

Course Contents: 10 week terms

NCA GAP year - 4 modules of 10 weeks each
Term 1 - Mechanical Term 2 - Electronics Term 3 - Automation Term 4 - Mobile App Development
Introduction to Mechanical CAD design and building a project Introduction to Electronics and applying it to your mechanical design Introduction to Automation B4A/ B4JMobile Phone App design
Laser cutting & 3-D printing, Create and build a design of your choice. This course gives students a good basic understanding of mechanical design using Computer Aided Design software (SolidWorks 3D CAD). Model components, create assemblies, and make them using 3D printers, laser cutters and CNC machines. Make the project that you built in “mechanical’ intelligent This course introduces students to electricity and electronic controllers and physical programming. Learn about components and work with the Arduino microcomputer open source development platform. Learn the basics of Programmable Logic Controllers: Siemens LOGO! LOGO! is an intelligent logic module meant for small automation projects in industrial (control of compressors, conveyer belts, door control, etc.), office/commercial and home settings (lighting control, pool-related control tasks, access control, etc.). It is deployed worldwide and can be controlled remotely. B4A includes all the features needed to quickly develop any type of Android app.B4A is used by tens of thousands of developers from all over the world, including companies such as NASA, HP, IBM and others.Together with B4i you can easily develop applications for both Android and iOS. With B4J you can easily create desktop applications (UI), console programs (non-UI) and server solutions. The compiled apps can run on Windows, Mac, Linux and ARM boards (such as Raspberry Pi).
* In addition to the course material above, we run a personal and professional development program. * Set up your personal website * Get to know Google Cloud and learn how to use the Google Platform.