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Level: 2


This course builds on the Coding-1 course and extends understanding of computer coding in different languages. Students create own Apps and add functionality behind the graphical elements. Students must choose two of the following computer languages: Python, Lazarus and C++. The third can be done if time permits and the student proves to be a natural at coding.


After completing the course students will be able to:

  • Create Python Apps – Cisco Module Duration: 3 weeks
  • Create C++ Apps – Cisco Module Duration: 3 weeks
  • Create Lazarus Windows PC Apps Duration: 3 weeks
  • Write the Industry certification exams (Python & C++)


Course Contents

  • Theoretical Foundations
  • Code in Python, a high level language
  • Code in C++, used in engineering
  • Code in Lazarus, a free version of Delphi based on Pascal.
  • Create single .exe Apps for any Windows computer.
  • Create Apps on Mobile phones linked with WiFi connections


Tutorial Project: – link Android Apps to PC’s and Microcontrollers to exchange static and real-time data.
Design Project: – design, build and present a model related to the course material.


Duration: 10 weeks